The Girl at the Starlight Cafe


The Girl at the Starlight Cafe is the third release from Jim’s upcoming album ‘Piece by Piece’. The album is being released one song each month through 2014.



Composed, arranged and performed by Jim Fidler

Recorded, mixed and mastered, by Jim Fidler, at the Roots Cellar, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Illustration by Don Hynes

Graphic design and image realization by Lillian Fidler

Artistic concept by Jim Fidler

“Like the tide, she ebbs and flows,
Her beauty, like the moonlight, glows.
And, just as words, on tip of tongue,
She’s almost there and then she’s gone.

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere,
And, though he tries, he can’t but stare.
And if, per chance,
A fleeting glance,
Should be exchanged,
He’d wet his pants.”
Jim Fidler