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Keeping Things Fresh for the Future


Our Creative Team:


Jim Fidler

Jim has dedicated himself to his true passion and calling – music, and expressing himself through his music. His foundation as a classically trained pianist led the way to adopting and excelling at many other instruments. As a solo performer he can woo a crowd with just a guitar; he also loves to play drums and sing which he did with the successful reggae group, Pressure Drop. Jim’s first solo, self-produced album, Gypsy, garnered him many accolades and recognition as well as an international record deal.

Jim spends much of his time in his studio, creating and producing his own blend of musical styles. He uses his production tools much as an artist uses a paintbrush and paints soundscapes. His broad view of the world and different genres of music has seeped into his own style and you might hear hints of pop, rock, arabic, french, latin, african, reggae, or amerikana in any particular song.


Lillian Fidler

Lillian has experience in delivering hundreds of successful projects for international clients such as the US congress and The Marine Institute of Ireland as well as provincial government agencies, small to large businesses, community organizations and the entertainment industry. She has been creative director and designer in web technologies, promotional campaigns and audio/visual productions.

Lillian’s creative portfolio spans over four hundred projects and she has received multiple award nominations for her design work. Her successes are due, in part, to ensuring that each client’s vision and goals are understood and conveyed, whether that be in a print ad or a large scale video production.


Bill Hutchinson

Bill’s early education was in Fine Art painting at the Banff School of Fine Art and The New School of Art in Toronto. Eventually he received a BA in Art History (2004), He also minored in Museum and Historical Studies at the University of Calgary.

In 2003 he started working in the Alberta Film Industry which started him on an educational journey of experiences in front of and behind the camera. Shooting video and still images, he found his painting and graphic skills applied also in the digital world. Bill is currently involved in the local film industry and has worked on various well-known Newfoundland productions.